How to build AP firmware?

OpenWiFi 2.x
Two types of build methods are available.

Direct complete build

tip/wlan-ap$ ./ < profile name >

You can find the profile names in profiles/ directory, there will be many .yml files


For EAP101, it will be

tip/wlan-ap$ ./ edgecore_eap101

Step-by-step build
Usually done when testing and debugging.
i. Clone and set up the tree to create openwrt/

tip/wlan-ap$ python3 ./ --setup

ii. Select the profile and base package selection. This setup will install the feeds, packages and generate the .config file

tip/wlan-ap$ cd openwrt
tip/wlan-ap/openwrt$ ./scripts/ edgecore_eap101

iii. Build the tree (firmware)

tip/wlan-ap/openwrt$ make -jX V=s

where, X = no. of cores in the CPU. For a dual core machine, you might use -j2, while on an 8-core machine -j8.

iv. The firmware files will be available in /openwrt/bin/targets/ipq807x/ipq60xx/ and for EAP102, the firmware files will be in /openwrt/bin/targets/ipq807x/ipq807x/

I am building the AP image for profile - hk_qcom14 - which is Qualcomm based Hawkeye firmware for 11ax APs. I have the below 3 files created:


When loading the image - the Wifi Radios are coming up, with the SSID broadcasting, but the Ethernet seems to be remaining DOWN. Any suggestions, what could be the issue?

Could you tell us which hardware/device have you built this firmware for and loaded it to?

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This is a Netgear based Wifi6 APs with Tri-Band Radio. The QCA chipset is - ipq807x series. Does that help? Let me know if you need any further details.

We can help you troubleshoot this issue if you are using an EdgeCore AP.
For your current issue, please contact the TIP team.

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