How to upgrade OpenWiFi 1.x to OpenWiFi 2.x devices?

Upgrading from OpenWiFi 1.x to 2.x is a straightforward process.

If your device has come from factory with a TIP OpenWiFi image or if you have a pre-production TIP device that has manually installed firmware step, the upgrade process is the same.

Instructions from TIP Factory Installed Firmware

Note : If using 2.x simply follow the Firmware Management Service dashboard or select Firmware Upgrade on your device in the SDK. All firmware management is handled via the cloud SDK

Please back up device certificates as precaution before upgrade.

  1. Obtain the firmware upgrade of your device from Jfrog ( if coming from 1.x or otherwise manually handling a local device not communicating to the SDK )

  2. Copy the sysupgrade image into /tmp folder on device

  3. sysupgrade -n /tmp/imagename

  4. Copy device certificates into /certificates (only required if your device was not shipped from factory with signed certificates)

  5. Note the change in certificate names from 1.x to 2.x ( this should be resolved automatically by upcoming upgrade script logic )

  6. Permit device to fully restart (device restart will ensure /certificates protected mount exists if for some reason the device was not prepared at factory accordingly )

Note : In OpenWiFi 2.x Root Signed Certificates are now kept in a /certificates location on device

This is used during firstboot as a protected mount point that survives firmware operations

Reference :

Thanks for @ec-marketing !

I had successfully flashed my ECW5211-L (US) into TIP firmware.
Let me share my detailed steps for everyone’s reference.