【TIP Webinar】 Open Possibilities & Accelerate Innovation



  • How to use “Open” Wi-Fi to scale your business opportunities.
  • How to enable “ Open“ Wi-Fi to renovate your network.
  • How to leverage “Open” Wi-Fi to cooperate with world-class partners.


How does Edgecore’s Open Wi-Fi help you make changes in the next round?

  • Edgecore World’s First OpenWiFi 2.0 Cloud Introduction
  • Open Wi-Fi Facilitator Program Introduction–Making your Wi-Fi Network Open and Productive.

Wi-Fi is now an essential technology for all connectivity stakeholders. Wi-Fi is not just Wi-Fi for internet connection, it could be a part of everything and anything in your life. Wi-Fi can do more than you imagine. So now, it’s time to Open the Wi-Fi.

Facebook TIP OpenWiFi makes this possible through a collaborative approach, where Enterprises, Service Providers and Technology Suppliers work together to break the barriers and innovate to address advanced Wi-Fi use cases.

Edgecore cooperates with TIP to accelerate the pace of innovation in the Wi-Fi market by creating cost-effective disaggregated open source solutions aimed at improving global connectivity.

From hardware, software to cloud controller, Edgecore’s OpenWiFi Solution can provide more flexible network infrastructures and application services for ISP/MSP/Telco’s, and offer the OpenWiFi API interface for software developers, App and SaaS providers, accelerating the development of the OpenWiFi application ecosystem.

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