Why chose OpenWiFi?

The Benefits of OpenWiFi

TIP OpenWiFi significantly improves the business case for Wi-Fi through:

Lower R&D cost to develop enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solutions

  • OpenWiFi’s advanced feature set, including Wi-Fi 6, Passpoint and OpenRoaming® capabilities, enable existing and new suppliers to offer Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi products with less development effort
  • Cloud software OEMs and hardware ODMs are able to reduce R&D expense when by building their solutions on top OpenWiFi’s robust, single codebase of common Wi-Fi “plumbing”

Accelerated, open innovation

  • OpenWiFi’s common control, data and management layers allow suppliers and service providers to focus their development and integration efforts on service innovation rather than inventing Wi-Fi “plumbing”
  • The cloud controller SDK provides open north-bound APIs, so over-the-top Wi-Fi applications can be integrated once and then be used with multiple vendor solutions, saving integration costs and reducing time to market

Favorable economics for Service Providers and Enterprises

  • OpenWiFi’s combination of deployment savings (CAPEX) and automation-driven operational savings (OPEX) brings significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over current proprietary solutions
  • OpenWiFi’s diverse multi-vendor selection of cloud controllers and access points brings service providers choice and flexibility in enterprise grade Wi-Fi infra

Please refer the TIP OpenWiFi page for the full content: OpenWiFi - Telecom Infra Project